Mentoring Toward the Virtual Leadership Alliance National Symposium (VLANS)

Previously: The Emotional Health of Your Mentee

We require every SR-EIP participant to make either an oral or poster presentation at LANS, which takes place the last weekend in July. That requirement will be part of the VSR-EIP as well. For many participants, presenting their research at LANS is the highlight of their summer. We intend for VLANS to be just as impactful. As a research mentor, you will be in a position to contribute to their preparation for that experience. Attend to the following action items to prepare your mentee for VLANS:

  • Speak with your institution’s Summer Program Coordinator so that you are familiar with the requirements applicable to your mentee.
  • With those requirements in mind, keep an eye on the project’s progress and make sure that it is getting enough support to be ready for VLANS.
  • Counsel your mentee on the choice between an oral presentation or a poster.
  • Create opportunities for your mentee to practice their oral or poster presentation; provide feedback on the poster or presentation materials. If working in a group mentoring model, work with your colleagues to discuss how your shorter research experiences might translate to presentations for VLANS.

Up next: Offboarding and Mentoring After the Research Experience

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