Planning a Speaking Event at a Leadership Alliance Member Institution

Contact the Leadership Alliance Executive Office:

  • Confirm that a speaker is a Doctoral Scholar
  • If you are a Doctoral Scholar or faculty member at a Leadership Alliance institution and are interested in speaking at a specific school, we can connect you with the Institutional Coordinator.

Coordinators, you are responsible for:

  • Contacting speakers directly to invite them to speak
  • Coordinating and paying for their travel. To help keep costs to a minimum we encourage you to invite a speaker that can travel the same day to/from their home to your institution or who would require only one-night hotel lodging.
  • Finding a location on campus for the event
  • Publicizing the event on campus, if applicable
  • Sending out the invitation and collecting RSVP, if necessary
  • Publicizing your event on The Leadership Alliance Connect Website 

Speakers, you are responsible for:

  • Arranging your own travel. If your visit requires that you stay one-night, see if the institution has negotiated rates with local hotels in their area.
  • Informing the executive office of the following detailed information:
    • Speaker name
    • Event title/date/type
    • Format of event (i.e. panel, lone speaker)
    • Number of  attendees
    • Feedback from contact
    • Feedback from speaker

The Executive Office is responsible for:

  • Processing reimbursement for travel and hotel
  • Collecting the event information as outlined above from speakers and coordinators

After the event Speakers and Coordinators should:

  • Send the receipt or invoice directly to the Executive Office for payment
  • Post photos of the event on the TLA Connect website.
  • Inform the executive office of your experience and how the speaker series program could improve.

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