Organize an Alumni Networking Event or Reunion

Contact the Leadership Alliance Executive Office to:

  • Let us know what your plans are
  • Get a list of alumni in your area (region)
  • Get advice on how to plan and organize the event
  • The Executive Office has a fixed budget of $500 that will help to offset any costs for hosting [food and beverages].

You are responsible for:

  • Finding a location
  • Sending out the invitation and collecting RSVP
  • Negotiating with venue on pricing on food and beverage
  • Publicizing your event on The Leadership Alliance [TLA] Connect Website
  • Encouraging event attendees to sign up on TLA Connect

Tips on how to keep costs down:

  • Find a venue that typically hosts after work events and offer discounted pricing for food and drinks.
  • Your workplace may offer a common meeting space where you are allowed to bring in food. This would save on having to meet a minimum (dollars spent) with a restaurant or rental space fees.

After the event:

  • Send the receipt or invoice directly to the Executive Office for payment
  • Post photos of the event on the TLA Connect website. Please refrain from posting pictures with drinks in your hand.
  • Send us a list of who was present at the event 
  • Send everyone a thank you and include a reminder to sign up on the TLA Connect website 


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