Mentoring with Leadership Alliance Connect

Ongoing mentorship is at the core of the Leadership Alliance’s mission to develop underrepresented students into outstanding leaders and role models in academia, business and the public sector. Our goal is to use Leadership Alliance Connect to expand the mentoring capabilities of our community. In this post, you will learn how to sign up to be a mentor, how to find a mentor, and ways to interact with members of the Leadership Alliance Connect community. We will also share some information on mentoring best practices and ways to have meaningful mentor interactions.

Signing up to be a mentor

No matter what your career level is, you are likely to have some knowledge and experiences that could be helpful to someone else. We hope that everyone with a profile on Leadership Alliance Connect plans to serve as a mentor. Here’s how. In our “Getting Started” post, we review how to update your profile. On profile update screen, in the “Willing to Help” box shown below, select that you are willing to be a mentor. Then, select ways you are comfortable interacting. Don’t forget to click “update” to save your changes.

Check out these posts if you are interested in speaking at a Leadership Alliance member institution or organizing an alumni networking event or reunion.



Online Mentoring Best Practices

Our partners at the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) have a number of resources available to help you learn how to be a great mentor in person and via virtual platforms. Check out the links below to learn more.

Research Mentor Training (NRMN)

Mentoring Online About Mentoring: Possibilities (Mentoring & Tutoring Journal)

Online Mentoring and Computer-Mediated Communication (Journal of Vocational Behavior)

NRMN Guided Virtual Mentorship Program

Mentoring Training to Improve Diversity in Science (NRMN)

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